Design Options

360+ Vector Icons

Karma comes with over 360+ vector icons powered by the very popular Font Awesome library. These icons are available as standalone vector icons or wonderfully versatile vector icon boxes. All icons are fully scalable and completely Retina-ready.

3 Menu Styles

Choose from the standard main menu, a menu with single word links or a menu with no dropdowns. Yet another amazingly powerful feature baked right into the Karma theme.

3 Footer Layouts

We understand that every website has it’s own custom needs and Karma’s footer was built with this very real fact in mind. Choose from a Footer + Copyright, Footer only, or Copyright only.

Font Kits

Need some design assistance? Karma has absolutely got your back. Our team of professional designers have put together 3 unique Font Kits offering you pixel-perfect Google Font combinations with a variety of styling settings. Click one and done.

Footer Columns

Karma’s Options Panel gives you absolute full control over the footer area of your website. With only a single mouse click you can choose from 1 to 6 Footer Columns, each one configured to work seamlessly with powerful WordPress Widgets.

Footer Callout Section

Karma offers a gorgeously styled Footer Callout Section. This is a global callout section that appears on every single page and is the perfect place to add a rewarding call-to-action for your website visitors.

Interface Options

Tons of built-in options for the styling of every single page template. Toggle the top toolbar, utility bar, breadcrumbs, search box and more.

iOS Icons

Do you know anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad? Yeah us too. Karma offers the ability to easily upload an icon to be displayed on all Apple devices when a user saves your website to their homescreen. Professionalism at its finest.

Mix-and-Match Colors

Mix-and-Match any of Karma’s 30 stunningly designed color schemes with only a single click of the mouse. The amazing features just keep coming.

Per-Page Styling

Another amazing feature of the Karma WordPress theme is the ability to choose a fully unique color scheme on a per-page basis. We’ve added incredibly usable metaboxes directly to the WordPress interface for point-and-click page styling options.